Accounting and Finance

Transform accounting and finance processes with complete visibility and control over information.

Visibility and control are key for accounting and finance professionals to successfully serve both internal and external customers. Yet, while financial processes are considered crucial to an organisation’s success, many of these processes are still heavily reliant on paper and email-based procedures. Additionally, many financial systems simple don’t offer the functionality companies need to thrive, requiring extensive and often ill-advised customisation.

The Solution

Put an end to data chaos, manual processes, and piles of paperwork.

Our Services team develops customer specific processes on the FlowCentric Processware platform. These applications are built with industry best practices in mind, and each application is tailored to fit the customer’s unique needs. Rather than customising core systems, our clients use FlowCentric Processware to extend the functionality and reach of their existing ERP and financial systems, by creating a connected process management productivity layer above these systems.

Get rid of the piles of paperwork and manual tasks. Connect and streamline your disparate accounting and financial processes for faster turnaround times and improved control.

We have extensive experience developing Accounting and Finance applications such as these:

Accounting: Ensure the right data goes into the books with accounting approvals.

Add a Debtor/Creditor: Ensure the right data goes into your ERP or financial systems with approvals.

Asset Management: From acquisition to disposal, manage the entire lifecycle of your assets.

Budget Approval: Get yearly or quarterly budgets approved and applied to spend.

Capital Expenditure Requests: Get approval, financing, and funds to make a capital investment.

Cash Management: Keep tabs on the petty cash that comes in and goes out of your office.

Employee Timesheet Approvals: Quickly review and approve timesheets to release payment faster.

Payment Requests: Arrange a payment to a vendor, supplier, or business partner.

Purchase Orders: Give the procurement team the correct documentation to make a purchase.

Travel Expenses (Requests and Reimbursement): Approve and release funds quickly for any qualified travel requests.