Facilities Management

Get the best out of your employees by maintaining an efficient environment that is conducive to productivity.

There are literally a lot of moving parts involved in keeping facilities running smoothly, which is why organisations intent of delivering well-run safe environments choose to FlowCentric Technologies to create integrated bespoke facilities management solutions.

The Solution

Simplify and streamline checks and requests to improve delivery and safety.

Our Services team have developed a number of custom Facilities Management related solutions on the FlowCentric Processware platform. These applications are built with industry best practices in mind, and each application is tailored to fit each customer’s unique needs.

Reduce delays, improve communication, and ensure that your facilities and the staff that work in them are operating efficiently and effectively.

We have extensive experience developing Facilities Management applications such as these:

Building Interior and Exterior Checklist: Ensure that your facility is in top condition inside and out. Report issues and initiate appropriate actions.

Equipment Maintenance Checklist: Ensure that equipment well-maintained and serviced in a timely manner. Report issues and initiate appropriate actions.

HVAC Maintenance Checklist: Keep heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems clean and in working order. Report issues and initiate appropriate actions.

Plumbing Maintenance Checklist: Ensure that plumbing and fixtures are in working order. Report issues and initiate appropriate activities.

Safety Maintenance Checklist: Safeguard employees, contractor, and guests with detailed safety checks. Report issues and initiate appropriate actions.

Cleaning Management: Keep employees healthy and productive by maintaining a clean hygienic facility. Report issues and initiate appropriate actions.

Security Management: Protect employees and assets with efficient security management procedures. Report issues and initiate appropriate actions.

Directory Management: Make collaboration and communication simple by maintaining an up-to-date employee directory.

Facility Access Requests: Streamline supplier and contractor access to the facilities without compromising on safety and security protocols.

Visitor Management: Dispense with paper-based logbooks, provide visitors with a fast automated check-in procedure, and maintain an auditable history of all visitor check-ins.

Parking, Hot Desk, and Boardroom Booking System: Allow employees and contractors to secure the facilities they need to perform their work.

Grounds Management: Keep your grounds looking good, functioning well, and enhance the safety of employees and visitors.

Maintenance and Repair Management: Maintain a steady schedule of asset maintenance and repairs on assets to ensure that everything is done properly and on time.

Incident Management: Report, investigate and action any incidents in or around the facility to promote a safe efficient work environment.

Work Orders: Generate requests, approve requests, prioritise, assign, and centrally track work orders.