Human Resources

Transform your human resources department from administrator to strategic business partner.

Human resources management helps to bridge the gap between employee performance and the organisation’s strategic objectives. As such, an efficient HR management team can give your company an edge over its competition.

The Solution

Streamline the employee experience and provide your employees with an effortless experience.

Employee experience has become a key metric to determine the sustainability and growth of an organisation in the modern business world. Building a positive employee experience induces a culture of happiness and high performance within your workforce.

Our Services team have developed a number of custom Human Resources related solutions on the FlowCentric Processware platform. These applications are built with industry best practices in mind, and each application is tailored to fit each customer’s unique needs.

Your employees are an important part of your business. Connect and streamline your human resources processes for increased productivity and an improved employee experience.

We have extensive experience developing Facilities Management applications such as these:

Employee Onboarding Management: Streamline onboarding activities and allow new hires to hit the ground running.

Employee Offboarding Management: Properly manage the end of an employee’s lifecycle and enable graceful exits.

Qualification and Certification Management: Avoid penalties, ensure that all your employee’s certifications are up-to-date.

Timesheets Management: Track time, effort, resource allocations and costs, prevent excessive overtime and stop projects running over budget.

Employee Scheduling: Quickly and accurately create and publish schedules for your employees and postings.

Time and Attendance Management: Control overtime, manage tardiness, eliminate payroll fraud, and reduce processing time.

Leave Request Management: Efficiently request, get approval for, and record time off for employees.

Policy Acknowledgement: Ensure that employees and contractors are aware of existing and new policies.

Access Requests: Rapidly mobilise new employees, eliminate security breaches and unauthorised access.

Performance Management: Simplify and standardise your employee appraisal process.

Learning Management: Create training plans and improve employee productivity.

Incident Management: Accurately record incidents, including photographs, sketches and other related evidence.

Disciplinary Management: Begin a disciplinary procedure on the heels of an incident, or independently. Maintain full auditable records of each step.

Business Travel and Expenses Management: Allocate and disperse payments securely and efficiently.

Contractor Management: Accurately manage your contract workers, including FIFO workers. Allow contractors limited access to the data they require.

Personal Information and Life Status Changes: Allow employees to update their personal information as needed or when requested to do so.

Employee Referral: Empower employees to refer acquaintances to open positions.