Contact Information:

Category: Premium Implementation Partner
Location: Namibia, Lesotho, South Africa
Headquarters: 1021 Lenchen Avenue North, Centurion, South Africa
Contact: +27 12 664 0655
Industry Focus: The LARA Business Unit’s specific focus is to provide an ERP solution in the municipal sector.
Website: www.bcx.co.za

BCX offers premier end-to-end digital solutions and services, providing advanced Information and Communications Technology to companies of all sizes. LARA is a Business Unit of BCX which provides software development and implementation into municipal environments. LARA ensures that its digital solutions are implemented in a way that focuses on meeting annual goals and promotes an integrated approach across all levels of municipal environments. BCX caters for a wide range of business transformation requirements and provides solutions that reduce costs, increase profits, maximise productivity and futureproof businesses.

  • BCX snagged the Best Newcomer of the Year Award 2016. The South African-based information and communications technology company added significant value to the FlowCentric Partner Network.

  • FlowCentric Partner of the Year 2017 was awarded to BCX for its impressive licence sales over the last twelve months. The Partner of the Year award recognises an organisation that is committed to leveraging the power of the FlowCentric Processware BPM platform to deliver exceptional solutions to its customers.