Package your intellectual property.

Create sustainable revenue opportunities.

Differentiate yourself in the market.

Extend the reach of ERP’s and other systems.

Top reasons to become a FlowCentric Partner

Why Become a Partner?

As a Partner, your company can use FlowCentric Processware to:

  • Digitise and automate complex business processes for your customers.
  • Package your intellectual property and deliver powerful solutions to your customers.
  • Add extra functionality to the backend of your solutions and deliver changes in no time.
  • Run side-by-side with existing solutions and expand your reach within your customer base.
  • Quickly repackage your popular, but outdated applications, for modern customers.
  • Extend the reach of ERP’s and other bespoke systems.
  • Offer additional BPM implementation services to your customers.

Package Your Genius For Profit

Your Ideas – Our Platform

Use the FlowCentric Processware platform to package your intellectual property and deliver powerful process-driven solutions to your industry. Sell combined solutions as integrated products or package as turnkey solutions.

Business Advantages

  • Gain first mover advantage by packaging your best practices and offering new solutions to the market.
  • Generate additional revenue by providing solutions that extend beyond your core application.
  • Increase your reach within existing customers by offering solutions that extend into other areas of their business.
  • Deliver quickly on your client’s requests for customisation by developing on the agile FlowCentric Processware platform.
  • Strengthen your position as a trusted advisor by constantly adding value to your customers.
  • Enhance your value proposition and better compete in your market, with business process management (BPM) solutions and services.

Technical Advantages

  • Extend the value of your offering, with the ability to orchestrate and action business processes across disparate systems.
  • Integrate to various systems and offer unified solutions to your customers.
  • Don’t recompile your core application to cater for changes, use the FlowCentric Processware engine to define process rules and deploy changes quickly.
  • The advanced notification, escalation and routing feature ensures that tasks don’t get stuck-in-process.
  • With FlowCentric Processware’s out-of-the-box tracking and search functionalities, each step in a process is easy to find and fully auditable.
  • Use Process Activity Monitoring to easily identify bottlenecks and idle time, improve and deploy quickly.

Our Partners have had great success, strategically leveraging the power of FlowCentric Processware to build outstanding industry solutions.

Extend Your System’s Frontend

Give the Old Favourites a Facelift

As your customer’s application landscape becomes more complex users will start to express their frustration regarding the number of applications that they need to use, or the complexity of working with these various applications.

To solve, or prevent this problem, you need a way to simplify your customer’s environment. FlowCentric Processware can be used to develop a process-orientated frontend that simplifies and abstracts the complexity of the numerous backend systems.

FlowCentric Processware can be used to:

  • Simplify the user experience by creating a standardised user-friendly interface that can speak to many backend systems. This approach reduces the cost of training staff and ensures that everyone executes tasks consistently and according to the rules defined by business.
  • Keep your installations of ERP systems as standard as possible and compensate for the process changes in FlowCentric Processware. This approach makes future ERP upgrades much simpler and process changes can be implemented quickly without affecting the ERP’s performance.
  • Integrate older applications with each other and extend their value.
  • Provide a new modern interface (web/mobile) to older applications.
  • Extend the life of older 32-bit WinForms applications by fronting them with a modern web interface.

Our Partners have extended numerous system frontends for their customers.

Extend Your System’s Backend

Deliver Customisations In No Time

Whether you have developed a software package that has been sold into several sites, or a software package for one customer, at some point you will be approached by your customer for further changes or customisations.  FlowCentric Processware is a battle-tested rapid application development platform that will allow you to add custom functionality to the backend of your solution.

FlowCentric Processware can be used to:

  • Extend your system by adding workflow and business process management functionality to its current feature set.
  • Write your rules engine with FlowCentric Processware. This method allows company policies and other operational decisions to be tested, executed, and maintained separately from your application’s code.
  • Expose the data from your application into other areas of your customer’s organisation by using our web, mobile and Outlook interfaces.

Our Partners have successfully connected and extended the functionalities of many applications using this method.

Extend Your Systems Side-By-Side

Make Sure Your Customers Stick

Run FlowCentric Processware side-by-side with your solution to extend your reach and ‘stickiness’ within your customer base.

Finding customers is difficult – once you have a customer on-board, you don’t want to lose them. Developing processes with FlowCentric Processware allows you to extend your reach into other departments, within your customer’s organisation, adding value at each step. By integrating your system data with processes, you are ensuring that it will be exceedingly difficult, and unnecessary, for customers to replace your system.

An ISV Partnership with FlowCentric Technologies enables you to:

  • Offer competitive implementation prices and quicker delivery by using FlowCentric Processware to develop and deploy complex operational processes.
  • Engage with your customer in alternative consultation services. The addition of non-traditional ERP or point solution consultation services, provides you with a more diverse view of your customer’s business, allowing you to better advise them.
  • Broaden the impact of your solutions. Enable processes to span multiple business functions in one activity.
  • Connect disparate system data and provide your customer with a central integrated view of their business.

FlowCentric Processware successfully runs alongside existing solutions to extend both their value and their reach.

End-Of-Life (EOL) Software

If You Can’t Extend Its Lifetime, Rewrite It.

Sometimes software just reaches its end-of-life (EOL). This can happen for several reasons. Commercial software that is no longer supported; technology stacks have been discontinued; or simply that the business requirements are no longer aligned with what the software does.

The shortcomings of outdated software may manifest as follows:

  • Security vulnerabilities: Does your application rely on third party products that are no longer supported by the vendor? If so, you are exposing your customers to potential hacks, infiltration by malware and security breaches.
  • Software incompatibility: Are you stuck with a specific software provider because your system can’t operate without them? Or using legacy applications because you can’t upgrade to the latest and greatest, without fear of your application failing?
  • Compliance issues: Are you entrusting critical customer data to an unsecured application? Regulated industries like mining, insurance, and healthcare handle a great deal of sensitive customer data. Security lapses and data leaks can result in huge fines, reputational damage, or possible jail time.
  • High operating costs: Are you finding that the cost of maintaining and fixing bugs in your application is increasing? Consider that the benefits of rewriting your existing product on an updated platform may far outweigh the initial costs.
  • Application failure: Will your customer suffer serious consequences if their mission-critical application fails? Poor performance, reliability and downtime are some aspects to consider. You don’t want your brand associated with any kind of catastrophe.

You know your existing product inside and out. Using this knowledge, and the power of FlowCentric Processware, you can rewrite and deliver your modernised solutions in no time.

Whether you are an IT manager facing the EOL dilemma, or the software developer who needs to maintain an out-of-date application stack, talk to us. We have the solution to your problems.

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Expand your professional services offering. Help your customers to optimise, integrate and automate their digital business processes. Use FlowCentric Processware to build end-to-end business applications that are designed to last.

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Have you identified a gap in the market? Use the FlowCentric BPM Software to package your intellectual property and sell the bundled solution as an integrated product or complete turnkey solution.

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Technology Partner

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If you believe that your product will complement the FlowCentric BPM Software let us know. We work with our technology partners to ensure that their integrated solutions add value to our customers and other partners.


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