Marais & Rudman International Pte Ltd

Contact Information:

Category: Distributor (Asia)
Location:  Singapore
Headquarters:  190 Middle Road, #19-05 Fortune Centre, Singapore 188979.
Contact Person:  Les Rudman.
Contact: +27 (0) 82 777 8386
Industry Focus: Integrated Security, Stability and Business Solutions

Marais & Rudman International Pte. Ltd. is a privately-owned Singapore-based company with an international footprint.

Marais & Rudman International Pte. Ltd. offers a senior integrated team of professionals from predominantly military, civil society and business process management backgrounds that can enhance the functioning of establishments through their lifecycle.   The individual members of the team have a history of efficiency, illustrated by personal case studies.

Marais & Rudman International Pte. Ltd. is an experienced, trusted and client-centric organisation that delivers timeous and on-going professional services to its Clients.

The Company makes use of Leading International Subject Matter Experts ensuring the Client’s trust and enhancing their capabilities.

Satisfied Clients regard Marais & Rudman International Pte. Ltd. as the preferred supplier of products and services for any future projects.

The Company ensures that the Client achieves its goals and objectives (Short -, Medium -, Long – and Extended Long Term) with the professional and dedicated support of the Marais & Rudman International Pte. Ltd. Project Team within the jointly agreed upon time frame.

The Company ensures that the Client is empowered to effectively and independently manage its organisation into the future, making Marais & Rudman International Pte. Ltd. redundant by the end of the agreed upon Project Time Frame.

The members of the team have proven experience in the various managerial functions at the strategic-, operational- and tactical levels.

These functions include:

  • Strategising – (the ability to accurately assess and analyse existing situations to design a long-term vision and approach to setting an organisation up for success)
  • Deep Level Problem Analysis
  • Country Profiles and Assessments
  • Focused Training and Orientation Packages for Client Staff
  • Governance – Public and Private Sectors
  • Security Sector Reform (Insourced)
  • Stakeholder Analysis and Management
  • Management of Donor Relations and Donor Funding
  • Business Process Management – automation of processes and use of comprehensive tested templates
  • Implementation of approved plans
  • Public Relations and Marketing, including media
  • Sustainment including Logistic systems and life cycle management
  • Capability management
  • Design of health systems, specified health interventions and preventative plans
  • Defence Industry Strategy and Management
  • Armaments Acquisition Processes and Management
  • Project Management
  • Defence Review