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Category: Technology Partner
Location: South Africa
Headquarters: Building 1, Queens Office Park, 30 Alexandra Rd, Doringkloof, Centurion, 0157
Industry Focus: Various industries
Website: www.oqlis.com

Understanding data is a major concern for many businesses. Most leaders struggle to make informed decisions as corporate data is often complex and access to information is limited, additionally analytical resources and skills are scarce.

OQLIS is an easy to integrate Data Intelligence platform which can be embed in new or existing FlowCentric Processware implementations. The platform connects teams, drives strategic and confident decision making, and moves at the speed of your business. The technology delivers a single platform which allows businesses to consume, store, visualise, analyse, and deploy data, from one intuitive, integrated interface.

By using OQLIS you can save time and breathe life into your data, through visualisation and automation. Powered by its smart technology, the platform’s intuitive drag and drop interface makes it seamless to interrogate data, build reports and dashboards that displays business insights at a glance. Users can share discoveries and collaborate across the organisation in a secure way.

Steer your business in the right direction with OQLIS’s self-service capabilities. The platform integrates Business Intelligence, Data Automation and Machine Learning, and it’s available anytime, anywhere and on any device.

  • FlowCentric Technologies announces technology partnership with OQLIS Software Corporation. The partnership is set to provide an additional business intelligence (BI) tool that works seamlessly with the FlowCentric Processware business process management (BPM) platform.