Information Technology

Remove process inefficiencies and empower your information technology department to help the wider business.

The IT department is responsible for maintaining hardware and software assets within their organisation, along with delivering quality service. IT can improve their service delivery by streamlining the processes designed to foster communication between their department and the rest of the company.

The Solution

IT assets are critical to the success of most modern businesses.

IT delivers critical services to your entire organisation. It stands to reason that streamlining these processes and making them easily accessible to the rest of the organisation is key to ensuring that business operates smoothly with minimum downtime.

Our Services team develops customer specific processes on the FlowCentric Processware platform. These applications are built with industry best practices in mind, and each application is tailored to fit each customer’s unique needs.

Information and technology have the power to set your company apart from the competition, ensure that the department responsible for these assets is performing optimally.

We have extensive experience developing the following Information Technology applications:

Access Requests: Maintain control by eliminating security breaches and unauthorised access.

IT Asset Management: Manage the lifecycle of IT assets from purchase to disposal.

IT Change Management: Raise IT change requests and schedule rollouts.

IT Incident Management: Track, investigate, and resolve IT incidents quickly.

IT Onboarding: Add new users to systems, assign new hardware and software with a few clicks.

IT Service Desk: Close the loop with users. Identify, investigate, and resolve IT related issues.

Request for System Changes: Request and manage system changes in a controlled manner.

Service Level Agreement (SLA) Management: Ensure SLAs are adhered to with routing, and escalations.