Company Profile

Established in 2000, FlowCentric Technologies (Pty) Ltd is a software development company that delivers business process management (BPM) software to a global market. FlowCentric Technologies is a privately-owned company with nearly 100 employees.

Headquartered in South Africa, FlowCentric Technologies has a global footprint with regional offices in the United Kingdom, India and Western Australia. The company’s BPM software is delivered to many more territories through an international network of channel partners. FlowCentric Technologies channel partners provide consultation services, software implementation services, and bespoke industry solutions respectively.

The organisation’s proprietary BPM software, FlowCentric Processware, is used by medium and large companies in multiple business sectors to digitise and automate their business-critical processes.


FlowCentric Technologies: Delivering a platform that helps turn great ideas into powerful business applications which drive business efficiency.


FlowCentric Technologies strives to develop and support reliable software that enables customers to digitalise their businesses with less effort, at a higher quality, to ensure that operational processes run efficiently.

What Does “FlowCentric” Mean?

The name FlowCentric is a combination of two words: Flow and Centric;

  • flow (flo): To move or run smoothly with unbroken continuity;
  • cen·tric (sen-trick): Central, situated at the centre.

The name FlowCentric Technologies and the accompanying icon represent the company’s goal, which is to provide a technology-enabled platform that facilitates the smooth flow of an organisation’s processes, tasks, and data from a central point. The forward and upwards tilting icon represent the company’s goal of developing process-driven solutions that are durable and future-proofed, enabling customers to grow both their company and their profits.

FlowCentric Technologies Directors

Jacques Wessels FlowCentric Technologies Chief Executive Officer

Jacques Wessels

Chief Executive Officer

With nearly two decades worth of experience as a leader and strategist in both the military and corporate arena, Jacques Wessels has consistently displayed strong management characteristics and business acumen throughout his professional career.

Jacques sets high standards for himself and the team he leads, demanding professionalism and integrity, while continually pushing to ensure customers’ expectations are exceeded. In addition to a sound grasp of Project Management, Business Development and Strategic principles, Jacques has a comprehensive understanding of the day-to-day challenges that senior management face.

He prides himself in leading an innovative team of professionals who work tirelessly to provide effective solutions to a diverse range of business challenges.

Kevin Hudson Managing Director FlowCentric Australia

Kevin Hudson


Kevin has more than three decades worth of experience in the information technology industry, he began his career as a developer at a leading South African banking institution, going on to establish his first information technology company soon thereafter. His successes in the industry not only allowed him to provide the financial backing for the FlowCentric start-up, but also provided a trusted client base into which the FlowCentric BPM software was introduced. Kevin has lived and worked in several countries around the world, allowing him to immerse himself in a variety of business cultures and gain insights into the common challenges that businesses face. Kevin currently manages the FlowCentric Technologies Australia team in Perth.

Odette Pieters FlowCentric Technologies Director

Odette Pieters


With more than two decade worth of experience building and managing multidisciplinary teams, Odette is proficient in assembling and leading the right team for the job. She has taken numerous customer projects from inception to success. In addition to her considerable knowledge of information technology systems, Odette has gained unique insight into many of the business challenges that various industries face. This far ranging knowledge equips her to offer customers practical guidance on how to create effective solutions for their unique challenges. For an all-round understanding of business process management disciplines, you need look no further than Odette.

Denis Bensch FlowCentric Technologies Chief Information Officer

Denis Bensch

Chief Information Officer

Denis Bensch is CIO at FlowCentric Technologies. Over the last three decades Denis has designed and developed complex enterprise systems for numerous blue-chip companies.

Denis joined FlowCentric Technologies after a fourteen-year tenure at Inobits Consulting, where he managed the developer line. During this time, he worked extensively in the Middle East as a consultant and trainer on Microsoft Development Technologies.

In addition to managing the company’s global partner network, Denis leads product development and innovation strategies at FlowCentric Technologies. As a technically-minded business strategist, Denis leverages his experience as an international trainer to translate the complexities of technology into vernacular that resonates with business owners.

Andrew van Vuuren Director Services

Andrew van Vuuren

Director Services

During Andrew’s 30-year career he has constantly strived to improve the work methodology and structure of various companies. Andrew has been very involved in financial discipline, within companies, and has provided strategic direction to numerous companies intent on minimising the risks associated with doing business.

Andrew prides himself on ensuring that all the projects he oversees are conducted at and concluded with an extremely high level of professionalism. He believes in going the extra mile to ensure that clients receive the best service and delivery possible.

Andrew has a very proactive approach when it comes to solving problems which ensures brisk and efficient service.

FlowCentric Technologies Management

Veronica Etsebeth

Veronica Etsebeth

Financial Manager

Veronica manages the finance team for the FlowCentric Group of Companies. She and her team are responsible for all matters related to Finance, Tax and Reporting.

Veronica is a qualified Professional Accountant as a member of the South African Institute of Professional Accountant (SAIPA), as well as a Certified Associate in Project Management through PMI and registered Tax Practitioner with SARS.

Prior to joining FlowCentric, Veronica was running Global BITS, a Certified Oracle Partner, where she managed 32 projects from successful implementation to support and training delivery across various ERP solutions.

Veronica has a comprehensive understanding of company matters – from company secretarial services up to Financial Statements generation – which makes her ideal to fulfill this position.

Annett Wessels FlowCentric Technologies Human Resources Manager

Annett Wessels

Human Resources Manager

Annett manages the human resources team for the FlowCentric Group of Companies, where she and her team are responsible for all human resources matters.

Annett has operated as a human resources generalist for several years, with a career spanning nearly three decades.

Annett began her career in the South African National Defence Force (SANDF), moving over to corporate 12 years later. She joined FlowCentric Technologies after a 5-year stint at Gijima, a well-known communication technology service company in Gauteng, where she was fulfilling the role of Administration Manager in the HR Shared Services Department.

FlowCentric Technologies Channel Development

Martie du Plessis Channel Development Australia

Martie du Plessis

Channel Development Australia

For the past two decades Martie has been leveraging the power of technology to create effective, affordable business solutions for customers.

Martie has implemented BPM projects in a diverse array of industries including banking, delivery services and logistics, retail and telecommunications. This involvement has afforded her great insight into business operations throughout Australia, Africa, and Europe.

Martie’s extensive background as a corporate trainer, coupled with her hands-on experience in solving client’s issues, makes her uniquely qualified to help customers identify their pain points and assist in providing the best solution.

Her comprehensive knowledge and passion for modern technology enablers aside, Martie understands how businesses operate and believes in providing solutions, not software.

Sean D'Alessandro Managing Director FlowCentric UK

Sean D’Alessandro

Channel Development United Kingdom

With more than 20 years of experience in the IT Industry, Sean has been instrumental in providing and delivering strategic solutions across multiple industries in Africa and Europe. Sean’s business experience is key to assisting clients succeed through the use of the FlowCentric Technologies BPM product suite in the UK and European territory. He is surrounded by a highly skilled and dedicated team, with the ability to deliver business critical processes no matter the demand and complexity.

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