TOKN Enterprise Platform

The platform allows you to build, manage and connect apps for business with little-to-no coding.

The TOKN Platform is a low-code app development and Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) that bundles all of the capability required to easily connect systems and quickly build and deploy apps, across all devices.

The cloud platform allows businesses of all sizes and budgets to rapidly deliver critical business applications without the associated costs of additional software or publishing issues.

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The TOKN Platform is a multi-tenant platform used to connect and build apps and workflows using your existing IT infrastructure and systems.

TOKN Management Console

The administration console is used to manage the TOKN services for your organisation.

An administrator can simply log into the registered account (no installation needed) and have instant access to all of the TOKN Platform capability.

The TOKN Management Console is comprised of 5 key components; Connect, Workbench, Workflow, Control, and  Sense that all work seamlessly within the TOKN Mobile Client.

TOKN Management Console
Connect LDAP/Active Directory Screen

Integrate In A Snap

TOKN Connect is a comprehensive enterprise integration framework allowing quick and secure configuration of connections to external systems, using a variety of services.

Administration users can interrogate an API, select required fields, create data structures and connect to external systems to fetch and post data. Any external system that uses open APIs or REST/SOAP/OData can be connected to TOKN.

Control Is Important

TOKN Workbench allows administrators to collaboratively build intuitive value-driven applications quickly.

TOKN Workbench includes:

  • Pre-built app components that accelerate the build process.
  • Code editors to complete more advanced app builds.
  • Template libraries of pre-built app templates.
  • Code upload functions to import code snippets.
  • App testing tools to visualise mobile applications.
  • Code promotion features to seamlessly promote code between DEV, WAS & PRD instances.
Workbench Screen
TOKN Mobile Apps

Simplified Workflow

TOKN Workflow simplifies the lifecycle management, deployment, and workflow creation.

TOKN Workflow unifies end user data across different business systems, providing a high degree of flexibility in how a user might interact with different connected systems. User creation can be automated using one of TOKN’s micro services, such as the TOKN Active Directory Service.

Seamless Security

Securely manage connected devices using the enhanced device management capability embedded within TOKN Control.

TOKN Control provides a comprehensive device management framework, with a complete view of and control over all connected devices.

TOKN Control includes:

  • Geo-location including geo-position and geo-ring fencing.
  • Device manager listing all connected devices.
  • Enhanced security features: remote wiping & blacklisting.
  • Embedded app analytics, reports, and change logs.
  • System logs, traffic logs and connected device logs.
TOKN Sense

Leverage The Power Of Data

Investigate potential faults before your customers even know there is a problem, with TOKN Sense.

Retrofit existing equipment with sensors and start collecting live data that is transmitted via nodes to TOKN Sense, in the cloud. Dashboards are used to analyse the data, highlight trends, predict component failures, send alerts and create jobs in connected systems when readings are outside the specified range.

TOKN Mobile Client

TOKN is comprised of pre-built native clients, available on each of the IOS, Android, and Microsoft App stores. The client is installed on their device by the end user and facilitates the deployment of applications from the TOKN Console to the user’s device.

The TOKN client provides secure containerization for all mobile applications, installed on each device, that secures your applications and data.

The TOKN Client enables full offline processing functionality and bring your own device (BYOD) capability. The TOKN Client includes bi-factor authentication services that enable seamless log-in, allowing the end users to enrol themselves in one easy step.

TOKN Client

Zero Implementation

Create a redundancy in your infrastructure that can respond to increased loads, server failures, component faults and more. Your data is always available, no matter what life throws at you.

TOKN’s secure cloud native technology means complete peace of mind and no hefty infrastructure upgrades. Everything runs securely on AWS docker containers with multiple redundancies in different availability zones for all critical resources.