Fixed Asset Management

Better maintain and optimise your assets, from computer equipment, software, and furniture, to land, machinery, and vehicles.

Fixed assets refer to long-term tangible pieces of property or equipment that a company owns and uses in its operations to generate income. It stands to reason that asset management offers many opportunities for an organisation to reduce costs, improve performance and keep their assets in good condition.

The Solution

Track assets, manage maintenance schedules, contracts, and optimise the life of your assets.

Our Services team have developed customer specific processes on the FlowCentric Processware platform designed to manage fixed assets throughout their lifecycle, from acquisition to disposal. These applications are built with industry best practices in mind, and each application is tailored to fit each customer’s unique needs.

We have extensive experience developing the following Asset Management applications:

Asset Tracking and Management: Get a complete, current view of your assets and their locations across multiple sites for tight asset management.

Inventory Management: Increase productivity, decrease downtime, reduce spending on parts and boost operations with effective inventory management.

Predictive and Preventive Maintenance: Get a complete view of asset maintenance requirements across multiple sites, ensure timely repairs and services to prevent downtime or damage.

Work Order Management: Improve efficiency by automatically triggering work orders when a calendar date or sensor reading is met, and routing or escalating open tasks.

Incident Report Management: External and unexpected factors can impact your assets, log an incident for investigation, follow up and repair.

Asset Disposal Management: Manage the removal of long-term assets from your company’s accounting records, by either selling or scrapping them.