Drive operational excellence and build a culture that embraces digital transformation

BusinessOptix is a cloud application for mining, mapping, and modelling business processes. The software is easy to use and promotes team collaboration, which means that you can get all the right people to work together on perfecting your process diagrams.

The platform not only allows you to visually model your business processes, but also allows you to create all the form fields that are necessary to digitise and automate your business processes with FlowCentric Processware.

With BusinessOptix you can collaboratively improve your customer interactions, the way your employees work and the results your business achieves.

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Process Mining

Process Mining

Mine your data to discover your processes and understand what is really happening in your organisation today.

BusinessOptix process mining capabilities provide a data-driven, fact-based approach to process improvement, leveraging empirical evidence to uncover how your processes really work. Starting by ingesting your system logs, the platform will visualise your data so you can see and analyse the flows, and start to identify opportunities for improvement.

Process Mapping

Map current and future states of your processes and continuously improve.

BusinessOptix process maps enable business, technical, and change managers to identify issues and bottlenecks within current processes. Once identified, you can act through designing improvements that yield greater operational efficiency, a more effective customer experience, and better management of risk, compliance, and audit requirements.

Mined or manually defined process models can include metrics and metadata such as resources (people and systems), timings, costs, risk models, compliance requirements etc – providing a single, complete view of your processes.

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Target Operating Model Design

Create a top to bottom holistic view of your organisation by linking your operating models to your processes.

BusinessOptix helps you align your operating model to your operational processes by making it easy to visualise and connect people, processes, and systems vertically or horizontally across all areas of your business. As the business evolves, changes to either will be reflected in your holistic view.

Starting at the top or bottom level, links between your operating models and processes can either be manually created or auto-generated at the touch of a button.

Scenario Modelling and Simulation

Create and test alternative flows and outcomes to identify improvements that will enhance the organisation’s performance.

BusinessOptix scenario modelling and simulation tools gives you the agility to move quickly and reduce risk by creating, testing, and learning about potential opportunities for change (including automation and RPA) before they are rolled out to your customers and employees.

Driven by metrics such as time, FTEs, system utilisation, costs, SLAs, etc. the tools enable you to model and compare data-driven views of stepped changes and optimizations to find your sweet spot for change.

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Process Transformation Planning and Analysis

Set goals, strategy and milestones to track your progress against performance targets.

BusinessOptix enables you to turn your vision into reality with transformation maps and dashboards that enable you to define, communicate and track goals, milestones, key metrics and priorities at all levels of your initiative. Analysis tools help you evaluate progress to date and forecast timelines and expected outcomes.

Governance is also supported through organisation charts, RACI models, and risk assessment tools that ensure you are on top of your initiative.

Documentation and Work Instructions

Build standardisation and governance in new and transformed processes using interactive documents, work instructions and procedures.

BusinessOptix makes it effortless to create and share content with your teams – whether they be frontline employees who need work instructions, reviewers who need to see the work in progress, developers who need user stories, or change managers who create support programs, you can easily provide them with the content they need to do their jobs.

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Export Processes for Digitisation

  • Add field data to each activity form.
  • Export the mapped digital process to FlowCentric Processware.
  • Add the process logic and user intelligence to the processes.
  • Deploy the secure web-enabled form-based applications to end users.