Touchstone Energy

Contact Information:

Category: ISV Partner
Location: London, UK and Houston, USA
UK Headquarters: 46 Worship Street, London, EC2A 2EA
Contact: UK: +44 (0)20 7121 4703
USA Headquarters: Suite 1810, 3 Riverway, Houston, Texas, 77056, USA
Contact: USA: +1 832 681 7317
Industry Focus: Oil and gas, oilfield services, renewable energy, mining and downstream trading industries
Solutions: EnergyFlow: Business Process Management Platform
TouchstoneEnergy’s EnergyFlow Business Process Management Platform (BPM) delivers process design; automation; knowledge management; and analytic capabilities in a single package.

TouchstoneEnergy is a leading business systems and IT consultancy dedicated to the oil and gas, renewable energy, mining and downstream trading industries.

TouchstoneEnergy has software applications for every role in the enterprise, from Accounting and Finance to Procurement and Asset Management, Business Intelligence, Financial Planning and Business Process Management.

The TouchstoneEnergy team has more than 250 man years’ experience helping some 70 clients to improve their operational and financial efficiency for a broad range of uses.